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Our Audit Department consists of several professionals with vast knowledge in all industries.


Financial statements are audited according to the generally accepted auditing standards to express an opinion based on the results. Upon completion of the engagement, we provide clients with a management letter addressing the most important findings and our recommendations.


Our Tax team is very well structured, with more than twenty professionals ranging from CPAs and managers to staff consultants.


We provide tax consulting services to individuals, partnerships, corporations, trusts, and estates. Our tax services include tax return preparation, tax planning, advice and processing of ruling requests, tax exemption applications, and Treasury Department notices and examinations, among others. These services encompass the preparation of corporate and partnership tax returns (including volume of business and property tax returns, and corporate reports).


The corporate and individual tax returns' preparation include Puerto Rico, Federal, and US states' tax returns.

ACT 60 (formerly ACTS 20 & 22)

We assist with Puerto Rico's Act 60 (formerly known as Act 20-2012 and Act 20-2012) Grantee's with their local and Federal tax compliance issues.


Also, asides from your tax and compliance needs, our friendly personnel is ready to help you adjust to the local lifestyle, such as finding locations, entertainment, related professionals, and almost any other mundane questions that you may have. Most of our professionals are educated at stateside colleges, which makes it easy for them to understand your needs!


Our accounting services range from bookkeeping and payroll returns to the preparation of compiled, reviewed, and audited financial statements. It does not matter the size of our clients' business or the task to be performed, our objective is to be responsible to our clients' needs and problems.


Among these services are the preparation of the following monthly, quarterly, and year-end reports: balance sheet, income statement, general ledger, and bank reconciliations.


Also, the preparation of the following tax returns: Social Security (FICA), Federal Unemployment (FUTA), Chauffeurs Tax Return, Tax Withholding Statements (W-3), Salaries Conciliation Statement (499-R), and PR Unemployment and Disability.


We perform reviews of financial statements, which mainly consist of analytical and inquiries to company personnel. Also, we perform compilations for individuals and businesses which sales does not exceed
$1 million during a particular year.


We prepare forecasts and projections to new and existing businesses, including proprietorships. Also, we assist clients in the preparation of an adequate business plan according to their financial needs and expected growth of the business.


We work side-by-side with the different governmental agencies to help our clients obtain the required permits, licenses, and certifications.


We assist with the planning, preparation, filing, and administration of qualified (KEOGH), pension, and 401K plans in compliance with Puerto Rico and Federal requirements including ERISA.

  • Financial Consulting

  • General Consulting

  • Labor Law Comliance

  • Budgets

  • Business Valuations (AICPA Certified)

  • Resident Agent Services

  • Special Projects

  • Sales Tax (IVU, IVA)

  • Voluntary Disclosure

  • FATCA Compliance


...and much more!

Our team has been trained to help our clients obtain the desired results, to provide solutions to meet changing situations, and to give sound business advice to help executives make effective decisions to improve operations, controls, and profitability.


Management consulting services also include financial forecasts and projections, computer implementation advice, strategic planning, and evaluation of financing needs and alternatives, among others.

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